AI in education: A look at Asia’s dynamic market

Beijing/Selbyville (Delaware) | When you think of the use of AI in the education market, you usually think of the USA. After all, according to the market research company Global Market Insights, the US market currently accounts for 60% of the world market. But the most dynamically growing region in the next five years with an average of 51% and thus also the most lucrative region for new providers is, based on the current analysis “Artificial Intelligence in Education Market” by Global Market Insights, the Asia-Pacific region. AI applications in education can take different forms. For example, it can concern adaptive learning systems, which are to make an individual form of learning possible.

But what are the reasons why the Asia-Pacific region is currently gaining in importance? – Global Market Insights suggests that government initiatives in particular are behind the immense market growth. Since 2015, for example, the Japanese government has been supporting the development of modern robots that offer applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In a similar way, the Indian government is supporting the Digital India Initiative, which aims to teach high level digital skills to students in order to become an innovator in the field of AI. In total, the Indian government is investing 474 million US dollars in this program, which is also intended to eliminate existing structural deficits such as a slow Internet network in rural areas.

Last but not least, China is one of the most important and significantly growing markets for AI in education. 17% of all sales outside the US market are generated in China, the analysis of Global Market Insights shows. Here, too, the investments of the Chinese state are the decisive reason for growth. So far, according to Global Market Insights, the largest market turnover in the field of AI education applications has been generated by the higher education sector with more than 50 %. However, numerous studies have also shown that companies are already aware of the relevance of AI for business success. AI applications are likely to be transferred from an already small number of established areas of use within the company to further ones and thus become more firmly anchored in continuing education. This, in turn, is likely to be accompanied by a large variety of new developments.

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