Global gamification market forecast to quadruple by 2023

Pune (India) | In the new analysis “Gamification in Education Market”, the Indian market research company MarketsandMarkets assumes that the global market sector will quadruple by 2023. Currently, Gamification provides for an annual turnover of 450 million US dollars, which, according to MarketsandMarkets, is expected to expand rapidly to 1.8 billion US dollars by 2023 with an annual average growth of 32%. Gamification is a method that relies on the integration of playful elements in the mediation. In eLearning, this can be, for example, the awarding of points for tasks or quizzes that have been completed or the distribution of badges.

MarketsandMarkets assumes in its almost 100-page report that school and academic institutions will probably become the largest user group in the future and that the turnover of corporate training will probably exceed that of turnover. MarketsandMarkets also expects the USA to retain its leading position in the market segment in terms of sales.

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