Global eLearning market to grow steadily in coming years

London | In a recently published analysis, the British market research company “Research for Markets” predicts annual sales of 275.10 billion dollars in the global elearning market in 2022. According to the same report, this same market still had an annual turnover of 165.21 billion dollars in 2015. In addition, “Research for Markets” expects average annual growth of 7.5 % in the future until 2022. Furthermore, the market research company already mentioned assumes that content providers are likely to capture the largest market share in the forecast period, which, according to the present report, is based in particular on the use of eLearning in companies. In companies, the use of e-learning is primarily intended to promote learning that is largely characterised by self-employment.

According to “Research for Markets”, the key factors for the global growth of the eLearning sector are time and location flexibility in learning, low costs and increased effectiveness through animated learning. Furthermore, the immensely increasing number of Internet users in general, increased access to broadband Internet connections and higher smartphone ownership are essential for growth.

Research for Markets” expects the largest percentage sales growth in the Asia-Pacific region. eLearning is gaining massively in importance, especially due to the existing shortage of qualified staff in schools and universities.

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