Fascinating aspects of eLearning in a nutshell

Irvine (California)/New Delhi | What fascinating opportunities does eLearning offer our society for the future?  The pedagogue Kartik Bajoria on the news platform “Entrepreneur India” recently gave his thoughts on this topic. According to him, eLearning enables him to complete courses on topics that are off the beaten track. For example, a course on Korean cuisine or calligraphy would be conceivable. Conventional non-electronic methods would make this more difficult, as the necessary minimum number of participants would mean that such courses could almost only be held in cosmopolitan cities. Bajoria predicts that the number of thematic alternative eLearning courses will increase immensely in the near future. According to him, a mass of completely new distance learning courses is also likely to emerge. If the use of eLearning in learning makes place and time irrelevant, it will be much easier to conduct training courses profitably, since there will almost always be large enough learning groups globally.

Bajoria sees a further decisive advantage in the fact that eLearning has made visual learning, especially via videos, socially acceptable. It is no secret that there are different types of learners. Not everyone was born a bookworm. For Bajoria it is clear that a trend of attention loss among learners has returned, which can only be countered by increasing the entertainment value of in-company training measures. Videos or Augmented Reality are perfectly suited for this and are an effective teaching method as long as the time on the screen is not too long.

When using eLearning to prepare for the world of work itself, Bajoria sees algorithms that can identify the strengths and weaknesses of learners and personality parameters and, on this basis, make suggestions for career choices as particularly efficient and useful. Of course, according to Bajoria, these proposals should also be oriented to the real job options existing in the region. In his contribution for “Entrepreneur India”, Bajoria succeeds in arousing the fascination for eLearning even among a completely naïve readership. An insight into his complete train of thought is available at https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/327497

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