Latin American eLearning market expected to grow moderately over the next few years

Dublin | According to a current forecast by the Irish market research company “Research and Markets”, the Latin American market for eLearning is expected to generate average annual growth of 4% this year and over the next four years. According to this forecast, the eLearning market for consumers, businesses and institutions in Latin America is expected to generate annual sales of more than 3 billion US dollars in 2023. In particular, improved Internet access options and the increasing use of mobile and portable devices will boost the growth of the Latin American e-learning market, Research and Markets assumes in its forecast. State investments in schools and universities will also continue. While, according to Research and Markets, the eLearning market in 2017 was still dominated by the fact that ¾ of sales in the Latin American eLearning market were generated by consumers, the importance of market sales in academic and in-company education is now growing, as lifelong learning and new career options for the workforce are coming more into focus. “Research and Markets” are not only making an overall forecast for the Latin American eLearning market, but are also breaking down their results by country and showing how the markets in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and El Salvador are likely to develop. According to Research and Markets, Brazil had the highest eLearning market share in Latin America in 2017, as it is the largest higher education market in Latin America. The “Research and Markets” analysis still expects further annual sales growth of 1 % by 2023.

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