India’s eLearning sector is booming

New Delhi | India’s eLearning industry is attractive for investors. According to a recently published study by the Indian research initiative VCCEdge, 26.6% of funding in the education sector in the 2018 study period (136.8 million dollars) went to eLearning and the associated support service. According to VCCEdge, the eLearning sector already accounts for 30.7% of India’s total education system. Schools and other educational institutions are increasingly focusing on personalized education to meet different needs and learning styles, the survey found. There are also attempts to enrich learning processes through augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification. According to VCCEdge, numerous techEd companies now offer online training courses and online certification, which could score particularly highly in India thanks to their flexibility.

The main reasons for the perceived increase in eLearning in India’s education sector would be the demographically advantageous composition of society, better Internet coverage than in previous years and government support in the digital transformation process. From the demographic point of view, for example, it is relevant that 50% of the Indian population is younger than 25 and 65% younger than 35. Sahaj Kumar, research manager at VCCEdge, tries to put the current digital transformation in India in a nutshell: “The switch to online learning is rapidly changing the competitive environment. Educators, schools, parents and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to use technology for more efficient learning, reduce costs and provide a more individual learning experience.   “

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