Saba takes over Lumesse

The talent management provider Saba takes over Lumesse. Saba now has more than 4000 customers worldwide who are supported by 1400 employees. With the takeover, the company is also expanding its own expertise with regard to the needs of personnel and talent specialists in various industries. Knowledge on talent acquisition, talent management and methods for improving learning efficiency will be exchanged and customer needs will be met even better.

CEO Phil Saunders has been with Saba since 2015. He previously worked for Gemalto, a Dutch chip card manufacturer, for twenty years. Commenting on the acquisition, he said: “We are now a bulwark of talent management, bigger than ever. This brings with it a lot of creativity and new visions.” The economist and his team have set themselves the goal of continuing to tackle customer-specific challenges with great commitment in the future. The company wants to anchor innovations and contribute to the creation of corporate values for clients. Further information under

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