John Freshwater appointed Chief Sales Officer at Fuse Universal

London | John Freshwater is the new Chief Sales Officer at Fuse Universal Ltd and a member of the LMS provider’s management team. Fuse aims to help companies increase access to learning elements through improved forms of learning, including video and messaging tools, thereby increasing workforce productivity. Freshwater previously worked for eLearning companies Mind Gym, Human Capital Institute and Insights. The new hire was made possible by the second round of financing for the start-up company Fuse, which was completed this year. With the funds received, the company intends to retain qualified personnel and invest in technology applications in order to expand the customer base of its products. To date, it consists of over 100 global companies and organisations, which are served from offices in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Denmark.

Freshwater says, “The passion with which Fuse questions the status quo of the learning industry is truly special and customer conscious.” He is happy to be able to manage sales worldwide in such a rapidly expanding company. Fuse’s CEO and founder, Steve Dineen, particularly values Freshwater’s customer-focused approach and believes he will make an “important contribution to Fuse’s strategic direction” as a member of the management team. Further information can be found at the URL 

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