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Augmented Reality enables service training on the move
The cutaway model for your pocket – not only for those who love details

LTR Daniela Meier (ALDINGER+WOLF), Frank Siepmann (eLearning Journal) und Marbod Lemke (ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG)

The rapid technical progress also opens up more and more possibilities and application scenarios in the field of eLearning. Training documents and documentation on paper often get dusty in cabinets or shelves and even classic desktop-oriented web-based trainings are losing more and more popularity among users. Are new virtual learning worlds the future of eLearning?

For ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co KG, the answer to this question is a clear yes. STIHL Training stands for modern, innovative learning, which is extended by Augmented Reality technology. Due to the successful cooperation with ALDINGER+WOLF as part of the STIHL Training goes Virtual Reality project, which received two awards last year, STIHL again decided to cooperate in the development of the “Augmented Reality 2 Go” project – or AR 2 GO for short. The technology behind the project is called “SmartAR” and is defined as the projection of virtual content into the real world and, as with SmartVR technology, supplemented by some exclusive and as yet unseen features. This project will further expand the existing training offering for the STIHL Group and its dealers worldwide, in order to enable service training at all times and everywhere.

Learning needs

To make STIHL training content even simpler, more mobile, more diverse and more self-explanatory, the synergy effects of 3D data are being exploited even further. Augmented Reality technology is ideally suited for worldwide, culturally-independent and language-neutral use. The project offers users a new method of learning with fun, experiencing details up close and getting enthusiastic about the products.In the future it will be an integral part of face-to-face training, eLearning and an ideal supplement to existing training materials.

Project outcome

The joint development resulted in an app that the target groups can easily download onto their smartphone or tablet. With the help of the integrated camera, the app recognizes certain trackers in the environment, such as an image, and projects a realistic 3D model of a STIHL product in original size onto it. The user can then view this from all sides on his terminal device. The user either moves around the tracker or changes the orientation of the object itself by rotating the tracker in the real world. Components can be viewed from the inside in an exploded view with a click, so that the product can also be inspected from the inside. The individual components can also be examined in detail. Meanwhile, the user can move towards or away from the model to see individual parts and details. In this way the learner gets an intensive new perception of the respective STIHL product. The user interface is simple, intuitive and language-neutral. The first roll-out of the app has stored the product catalog covers for 2018 as optical trackers. This makes the app available worldwide and provides users with information on new STIHL products even before they are launched on the market.

The AR 2 GO project offers the possibility in service training to learn independent of time and place, with cut models from your pocket. This provides them with an unprecedented opportunity to interact with the products, even before they are launched on the market. The innovative aspect is a special motivator for the learners. At the same time, the format is also suitable for learning together with other training participants on the product in order to experience, analyze and discuss the facts together.

But the application possibilities of the STIHL-AR training do not end there. The app offers the option of projecting and dismantling STIHL products into the real world, for example to point out special features or service processes of the components, without having a real product on site. In addition, any number of other products can be integrated into the application. Since the optical trackers of the AR application are similar to QR codes, they can be used individually on and within all conceivable media – online and offline. The insertion of tutorial videos on the corresponding component is also planned for the future.


Augmented Reality is the consistent, stringent and synergy-based further development of STIHL Training’s 3D learning world, which stands for contemporary, innovative and future-oriented learning. The consistent, language-neutral and modern design coupled with the intuitive condition makes it a real experience for the learner. This not only makes learning fun and enjoyable, but also exudes fascination through state-of-the-art technology. Augmented Reality as a supplement to conventional training materials opens up fantastic new application possibilities and offers the learner real and measurable added value.

For this reason, the jury of the eLearning Journal awards the two project partners ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co KG and ALDINGER+WOLF with the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category “Augmented Reality”.

Specifications & special features

STIHL AG has decided to use the latest AR technology in order to make service training available more quickly, to spread it further and to drive innovation. This should not only enable users to learn in detail about the product, but also be flexible and mobile – regardless of whether the employee is at work or not.

Special features:

An app now enables the mobile devices of the STIHL training participants to capture a tracker via integrated camera, similar to the scan of a QR code. The user then sees the projection of the STIHL product directly on his display and in 3D. Through his own movement in space, he can then view the object from all sides, from close up and from a distance, and through an exploded view also inside. Individual components can also be examined more closely. The interactive and innovative aspect of the project not only increases the motivation of the learners, but also promotes their enthusiasm for STIHL products.



Daniela Meier
Senior 3D Artist and Programming

Alexanderstraße 166
D-70180 Stuttgart


Marbod Lemke
Head of STIHL Training

Stuttgarter Straße 80
D-71332 Waiblingen